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I work with people who find difficulty in relationship or who wish to discover who they really are, or to become more comfortable with themselves or to repair their self-esteem. I have a special interest in those who suffer despair, bereavement, abandonment, meaninglessness or recurrent dreams. I am also interested in symptoms of impatience, unexplained physical discomforts, social phobia or loss of sexual appetite. Attending to the whole personality and recognising that there is that in each of us which responds spontaneously to harmony, to beauty, to meaning or to ritual.

My professional approach is underpinned by the understanding that human psyche is a self-regulating mind/body system and I refer to the work of CG Jung, WR Bion, DW Winnicott and W Reich among others. I also use energy therapy techniques for treating trauma.

Problematic symptoms, for instance anxiety or depression, can be unconscious attempts to draw attention to a psychic imbalance. Imbalances generally come from living a life out of tune with one's nature. Restoring a healthy balance involves learning to know oneself through reflection.